Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 4: Waiting a long time for the rain to stop

Lu: Yesterday, Giovanni, Pop Pop and I met Andrea and her dog, Ruby (RUBIA.-because she is blonde) at the Intercultura School. There I swung Giovanni in a hammock. When we were walking back from seeing the new apt., the tide came in, and Pop Pop said we had to cross the RAPIDS with the vicious rip current. We weren't sure we could make it, so we gave Giovanni a walking stick and sent him first! The water was deep, and I got half of my pants soaked. Mom was not happy, because she had the digital camera with her. She did not want to make the same mistake as Pop Pop and his camera. Afterwards we ate lunch at the ANCLA (Anchor) Restaurant, where they had a cute, chubby, fluffy bunny in a cage. Pop Pop predicted we could wait out the 5-minute rainstorm. But after a half-hour, it was still pouring. Giovanni fell asleep in the chair waiting. We waited 30 more minutes and then it slowed down enough, & after 10 more minutes, it stopped. We walked back to the hotel, and then played football in the pool, while it rained some more on us!

Gio: When we crossed the "river" I screamed because this big eel came up. I thought that the eel was electric, and it would electrocute me. Mom thinks it was just a piece of wood.

We were good little Catholics and went to church. I liked the music at church, and I was scared to go up on the altar for the Our Father. I thought Luciano was coming behind me, but he chickened out. I gave the priest a hug, and I couldn't speak Spanish, so I was scared. I came back down to Mom, and started crying because I did not know what they were saying. Mom said I was very BRAVE (VALIENTE). Pop Pop says that Mom set me up. We liked our Spaghetti Carbonara & pizza at the Italian restaurant, and we both LOVED the Tres Leches dessert.

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