Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 9: Visit to Hotel Leyenda

Gio: We went to the hotel to swim and eat. I had a ham & cheese sandwich. It was RICO (tasty)! I also tried 2 BATIDOS (smoothies) and my favorite was the Red Fruit one. At the outside bar, they had Foosball, and Mom & I played against Luciano & Pop Pop. We won 6 - 4!
Lu: Last night, we went to Dona Mayela's friend's house who has a small restaurant on their porch. There we met a little puppy (mini doberman pinscher) named PRECIOSA! She was friendly and we liked chasing her the whole time. She licked us on the nose, and there were 3 of her puppies in a cage. They were cute.

Mom: At that restaurant, we had typical Costa Rican food, that included rice, salad, and grilled chicken and pork. We had a ice-cream & jello dessert. Giovanni of course liked it the best.

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