Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sun: Beach during the Day, Monsoon at night!

Mom: Well, we're winding down our stay in Samara, and I'm pretty sure the boys will be missing it here a lot. Today, we walked to the beach closest to our apt. by Cangrejal. As the tide comes in, basically the beach disappears. As you can see, we had to put our stuff up there on the "palm tree island."

The three of us had lots of fun jumping waves, but we decided to get moving as the tide was really coming in. The boys spent the afternoon hanging out with Anthony, while I worked on my UF coursework. We ventured out to dinner during a "monsoon," and when we came back an hour later, our road was one foot under water! Anthony's dad literally carried the boys across it! I had flip flops on, so I was able to wade through! Now I understand why they call it rainy season down here!
Gio: That's why they call it the rainforest in Costa Rica! (Mom told me that Guanacaste, where we are, is actually DRY forest!) We met & pet 3 doggies at the restaurant. I also met (& hugged) Carolina & Mario's abuelita. We had lots of fun with Anthony today. I'm excited to go home to FL soon for 2 reasons: I miss my daddy, and I want to get new people for Lego Star Wars Wii.

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