Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 20: Monday-- Last day in Beautiful Sámara

Mom: We're a little sad, as we know we are leaving tomorrow! Our last day in Sámara was perfect! Sunny for beginning of day, rained (cooled down) in late day we chilled at the beach with our new CA friends, and by evening, we chilled out with our new Sámara friend, Anthony.
This is a picture of the "Laundry Service" truck. Notice the size of it! (Yes, Luciano is only about 4 feet tall!)

Here's Genevieve and Giovanni playing in the hot tub at the Villas Kalimba pool.

Here's Luciano pretending to be napping on the rocks!

Fortunately, but unfortunately (as this is the end of our trip), we found a wonderful panaderia that makes AWESOME, to-die-for empanadas! We had them for lunch and for dinner. ¡Qué sabrosas! The boys say they don't want to leave, but they really do miss their dad! Only 2 more days!

Luciano: I think that Costa Rica is cool because the beaches have big waves. They are as big as my brother, Giovanni. He is 5 years old. I liked the waves because they were so big, and it’s fun jumping the big waves. The water was really refreshing, but warm. Even when it was cloudy out, the water was still warm. There’s lots of sticks that wash up onto the beach, and then they go into the water, and then the waves push them back onto shore, and it keeps going over and over again. I got hit by a couple sticks, and it kind of hurt.

We met two friends at the CREAR Camp in Costa Rica. Their names were Dane and Genevieve. They had a little brother named Zeke, who was 3 years old. And their mom’s name was Amy. Their dad is named Luke. We had play-dates at the beach with them. One day at the beach, Dane and Zeke found this log, and then the next day, they started painting the wall with sand (and then started fighting with the sand.) And I joined. And then my mom put me in a time-out for throwing wet sand-balls at each other. But then we found these 2 logs, and we started getting on them and tried to hide from the water, because the logs were HUGE. So the water could not make it up to us when we were standing on them. And then the logs wiggled, because the ocean was trying to move them away from shore. Our parents thought that was not a good idea because they thought we would fall and hurt ourselves. But then I found this tree stuck in the sand but a part of it just came out of the sand. So we got on it, and we started hiding from the water again, but this tree did not move. But the fun part we figured out was when the water splashes off it, and it goes up on the log, and it’s fun, because it feels good when it hits us.

Genevieve and Dane had a pool at their house-villa, and we played there a lot. It had a waterfall. Miss Amy made us PB&J sandwiches and gave us piña that Mom and Giovanni ate. We were sad because Dane got sick on our last play-date together. They know how to surf, and one of the days we were at the beach, me & Giovanni got a boogieboard to use. Giovanni actually even borrowed Genevieve’s. Genevieve is fun because she & I made up a great song that was called, “Mr. Blackberry has the Blues.” You can see the video here:

I liked the chocolate ice cream at Coco’s. We would have cones together with our friends (G & D & Z) almost every day! Costa Rica is a place with mountains, volcanoes, tropical rainforests, zoos, buses, and beaches with big waves and crabs. I am sad that I am leaving Costa Rica.


  1. Just re-read this post. Are you guys going anywhere this summer? We just booked Costa rica again. I haven't been on Skype in ages. Are you on Facebook?