Monday, July 5, 2010

Days 11 - 12: More fun!

Mom: Unfortunately, but fortunately, we have been having so much fun that we have not had time to write! We went shopping for a birthday present for the boys' new friend, and had time to stop for a quick ice cream treat. Lu: On Saturday, we went to my friend, Anthony's birthday party. I liked it--it was fantastica! We had a rice and chicken & chips meal, and marshmallow cake. Anthony says that the best part of his party was the gifts! He got a new soccerball, and we played lots more. We gave him a bouncy ball & ping-pong paddles. Gio: We played Ring Toss, Musical Chairs (Luciano won!), lots of soccer (I scored 2 goals against big kids!), and we helped break a pinata.

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  1. I think Anthony's mom was Genevieve's teacher =)